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Corporate Investigation Services

Corporate Investigation throughly investigate business operations, which is why these types of cases are also called business investigations.A corporate Investigation generally tries to find out whether fraud or embezzlement is going on. While these are the most common types of company investigations, though, these cases can over a wide range of topics, from intellectual property, to criminal inquiries to financial searches. It is all up to you and your business needs.....

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Due Diligence

HAWKSHAW NETWORK SERVICES is a highly recognized and acclaimed Detective Agency in India for offering a spectrum of detective services. Due Diligence Investigation is one of these services. We can call a due diligence investigation as an investigation which is more than a background check, but at the same time, it's a dossier regarding an individual or a group of individuals. Sometimes, while taking the most important decisions.....

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IPR Investigation Services

Intellectual property theft and commerce in counterfeit & pirated goods are growing at an alarming pace globally. Counterfeiting is no longer limited to the knockoffs of high-end designer handbags sold on city street corners but, instead, has evolved into a sophisticated black market industry involving the manufacture and sale of counterfeit versions of an unimaginable number of products. We understand the issues of loss among industries and have worked in most industries that have issues with counterfeiting or....

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Background Check Services

Unfortunately in this day and age, you can never be too careful about who you associate with, whether it be a business relationship or a partner whether online or in person could be a potential danger to you, no matter how innocent and sincere they may seem. With this in mind, it would often be best to check out the suspicious party in question. The electronic age has brought with it hundreds if not thousands of new background check resources in the form of public record databases that almost anyone can access. Not everything is online yet, but....

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Skip Tracing Services

Skip tracing is the process of locating a person's whereabouts and assets for collection and judgment enforcement purposes. There are several different ways and methods of skip tracing. We have personnel well experienced in skip tracing. In addition, we have several tools available to us for locating your debtor and their assets. Skip tracing is one of the most challenging parts of the collateral recovery business. Our skip tracing experts will search out corporations and individuals....

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Insurance Fraud Investigation

Hawkshaw Network Services specialise in uncovering fraudulent insurance claims. Evidence is produced as a comprehensive report with accompanying photographic and video evidence of the subject’s daily movements. Where necessary, our experienced staff can present their evidence in Court – (we usually find a combination of photographs, video and Sworn Statements do not require our attendance)....

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Forensic Services

We provide our services in the field of questioned document, handwriting examination, signature verification, fingerprint examination, cyber crimes, ballistics, blood pattern analysis, anonymous letter, crime scene investigation, cross examination, medico legal consultant, Blood Pattern Analysis, Body Fluids, Cold Case Review, Digital Solutions, DNA Solutions, Drugs , Fibres, Footwear, Forensic Histology Services, Forensic Intelligence Services, Glass And Paint, Hair, International Solutions, Marks & Traces,....

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