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Insurance Fraud Investigation

Hawkshaw Network Services specialise in uncovering fraudulent insurance claims. Evidence is produced as a comprehensive report with accompanying photographic and video evidence of the subject’s daily movements. Where necessary, our experienced staff can present their evidence in Court – (we usually find a combination of photographs, video and Sworn Statements do not require our attendance)


Our surveillance agents are equipped with digital photographic, video and recording equipment that can be adjusted for covert use, for example when the subject is followed into an office or restaurant. A comprehensive report is compiled, detailing times, places visited and any association with third parties. High quality photographic, video and audio evidence will be presented in the desired format. Where necessary we will prepare Affidavits and all Investigations Direct Limiteds’ agents are experienced in giving evidence in Court.

Pre-Surveillance Background Checks Lifestyle reports create valuable information prior to carrying out a surveillance operation on a company or individual. This service greatly reduces the effects of unprepared or uninformed surveillance by providing details of the subject's movements and possible locations, which are essential for a successful operation All enquiries are treated in the strictest of confidence.

We frequently supply Counter Electronic Surveillance teams to determine whether an organisation or individual is being followed or investigated.

In certain critical situations, clients need to have complete reassurance that their movements are entirely free of third party observation. A typical case might be where the client is involved in company mergers and acquisitions, or where business or social life activities could expose the client to personal background investigation from a competitor or hostile media intrusion. In our experience, it is highly effective to use the findings of an counter electrinic surveillance operation to reverse the procedure and make the hostile surveillance or investigative team the subject of our investigations. We will then liaise with and advise the client how to instigate a series of disinformation procedures.

Awareness is the first step in fighting a hostile threat or intrusive media operation. Our wide-ranging experience of working in hostile environments means that we are ideally equipped to detect this type of risk. Once we have identified a threat, we employ anti-surveillance techniques to protect our client’s safety and privacy.

As a result of the quality of our debugging team and our counter electronic surveillance expertise, we can offer our clients a level of service usually only available to VIP's, diplomats and government officials.